Friday, April 06, 2007

Some 2007 Pictures

Just in case you are a friend or family member who hasn't seen the little Savages recently, here's a recap of what Uno, Dos & Tres been doing since Christmas:

Tres still loves to pretend he's a kitty. We have found pictures of him doing this kind of thing as an infant, leading us to believe that he really was a kitty in a previous lifetime.

He and the mailman are great friends, as you can see by the way the mailman just turned complete control over his truck to him.

Uno and Dos displaying their Pinewood Derby cars. This was Uno's 5th and final Pinewood Derby and he came in second, which was very exciting for him. Dos didn't do as well, but last year, he won the "Most Creative" award for his car cut and painted to look like a #2 pencil.

Dos and Rocky sleeping in front of the fireplace.

Uno after receiving the Arrow of Light award, marking the end of his time as a Cub Scout and the start of life as a Boy Scout.

Dos, now promoted to the rank of Bear Cub.

Dos has his own blog now. If you'd like to experience his wacky literary talents for yourself, check out the "Smeethan's World" link on the right. Leave him a comment so he knows he's had visitors!


Kath said...

I like getting comments too! Feel free to leave one so I know you've been here!


bs said...

what a hip family you are! i will try to comment there later. if you haven't played with feeds yet, that's a fun way for him to see who has looked at his blog.