Saturday, September 26, 2009

End of Summer 2009

Senators Baseball, Hershey Park, Martial Arts belt tests, the start of the homeschooling year, and a last hurrah Labor Day weekend at Boy Scout camp: It was a great end to a great summer!
(Click to enlarge the pictures.)

The Harrisburg Senators played the Yankees' farm team. Note the Yankees-wear on Ed and the kids...

We had a great day at Hershey Park with some great friends.

We watched as one of said friends won a skating medal. (She was awesome!)

Kyle tested for his Purple Belt in Jung Sim Do.

Ethan tested for his Yellow Belt the next day.

Here they are sporting their new belts. (Kyle far left, Ethan in the middle.)

Note the appearance of the newest Jung Sim Do student from our family.

After the beach vacation, school began for everyone.

My newest homeschooler working on his new laptop.

Thank goodness I have someone who understands Kyle's learning style...

We celebrated a successful first week of school with a family Labor Day weekend trip to Hidden Valley Boy Scout camp.

There was a bee in our cabin. It was no match for Michael.

As you can see, he is very fierce. There was also a very big black snake in our cabin, but Ed dealt with that one himself.


Shooting instructors were available to show us the ropes and help the boys earn merit badges and certificates.

Even Kyle got to try.

Ethan is still a superior marksman.

Michael (a.k.a. "Fireboy") took care of all of the campfire duties.

Many hot dogs and marshmallows were roasted and consumed.

I tried a shotgun for the very first time and hit 4/5 of the clay pigeons!

Michael had hoped to show me up, but no such luck.

First time for Ed too.

All in all, it was a relaxing and fun weekend - the perfect end to a wonderful summer!


JM said...

That's awesome!! It looks like a great family time, and isn't shooting fun? :) Your family looks like a wonderful group; I hope to meet them someday!

Kath said...

Thanks, J! Ditto on that. Let me know when you're in town!

GLK said...

Didn't know you had a blog, but loved reading this latest entry! Sounds like you had a great summer!