Monday, September 05, 2011

Blogging on the Phone

So I finally got a Smartphone.

And this is gonna be short because I still don't have the hang of the touchscreen typing yet.

Fortunately my phone has an option that allows me to merely speak the words and they will appear on the screen. And I just used it.

Okay, that was totally cool. And a lot faster than typing with my thumbs.

I've downloaded facebook, my Nook books, and a bunch of other fun things. But no games. games would eat up what little extra time I have.

It's bittersweet giving up my old Tracfone, which does absolutely nothing cool, but has served me well over the many years I have had it. I once dropped it in a snow-covered field on a Girl Scout trip and went back to look for it two days later. When I called it, I heard its happy little ring right away. "I'm over here! Good to see you again!"

That kind of loyalty isn't easy to find in this world, let me tell you.

So now I have this new fancy-schmancy phone, and I'm already enjoying it very much. But I won't throw out my old Tracfone. My plan is to keep it around to hand to Little on occasion. He named it Kitty Fish Bar many years ago, for reasons I have yet to understand, and I know they will continue to have many good times together.


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