Sunday, June 03, 2012

Day 147: ... And My Red Belt Test

The Before Picture

After the first set of burpees.  I look scary, but hey, it's a belt test.

Judo fits.  Lots of them.

Preparing for random grabs

Sparring Middle

... one of my...

... favorite things. :-)

Forms, forms and forms.
Sparring multiple black belts

The After Picture, 2+ hours later. Wiped. Out.

My Mama Tribe

The Group Shot

The guru - my mentor and friend who worked so hard to prepare me for this test.


Middle's thinking, "I could totally put him on the floor right now, but I won't."

Awww, me with the Boyz.

Middle and his bffl

We started at the same time 3 years ago. Somehow he's wearing black...

My adopted son and testing buddy
Our traditional picture

With Teen Ninja Girl.

So proud of this kid.  Proud of myself as well.  It was a tough morning for both of us.

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Julia said...

Congratulations to both of you!