Monday, June 02, 2014

Moving Forward

And just like that, a year has passed.

My eldest has graduated from high school and is headed to college in the fall.  Middle is scheduled to test for his second degree black belt this weekend.  Little is preparing for the transition to middle school.

It's a good time to take a deep breath, refocus, take inventory.  In preparation for graduation weekend and out of town guests, I spent the last two weeks obsessively cleaning and decluttering the house, so there are currently no fires to put out here.  The two younger boys are at school and the graduate is sleeping.

Yesterday I treated myself to a new tablet, on which I have the playlist of TED talks and MIT OpenCourseware lectures I have been thoroughly enjoying in the last few months.  I've started ordering the textbooks for the courses as well, finding them to be surprisingly inexpensive when purchased used on Amazon.  Determined to still finish the doctoral dissertation that has hung over my head these last 18 years, I'm soaking up all the math, science, and neuroscience I have time to soak up, when I'm not working, or at karate, or doing Mom Stuff.

Work has been neuropsych evaluations this year rather than substitute teaching.  Going into the office 2-4 days per week (plus teaching childbirth class) has been an adjustment for me, but with college to pay for now, the regular income is good to have. More importantly, I enjoy the work itself, and the people there.

Meanwhile, karate is still 7 days/week for me.  My hours there are spent taking class, conditioning, teaching children's class, or in solitary practice.  The dojang is my sanity, my physical and social outlet, my flow activity.  As a first dan black belt, I feel both competent and incompetent in so many ways.  There are always new challenges and directions for growth. It is my happy place.

It's been a busy year, but in mostly good ways.  I'm stronger, more fit, and likely better educated than I've ever been, now that I've taken charge of my own learning, my own path.

I have no idea where any of it will lead, but I'm enjoying the scenery on the way.

With Middle at picture day last week

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