Monday, December 14, 2015

It's December...

... and as always, I'm in Christmas Denial.

The fact that it's been in the mid 60s doesn't really help, although I did take advantage of the lovely weather and plan to get a tree and put some outdoor lights on and around the house while it's still warm.

Some people go nuts over Christmas and really enjoy all the decorating and baking and shopping.  I (and I suspect Savageman as well) find it all a bit overwhelming.  I can do it in a super-intensive burst of cleaning/decorating/shopping frenzy for a day or two, but it's not sustainable over a longer period than that.  And I'm already juggling about all I can comfortably juggle, without giving up my decompression time.

I'm a creature of habit.  I get up at 6:40, get the kids off to school, have my coffee, do a little bit of necessary house stuff, and then I'm off to work or karate.  I come home in the afternoon, do a little more house / cooking stuff and take a quick power nap right before the kids arrive home from school.  I chase Little down to get his homework done. We pack up and head to BJJ/Judo, where I either stay and train, or drop Little off and head to JSD to train there.  After an hour or two of martial arts, it's home, food, watch an episode of something on Netflix and see the boys off to bed.  Savageman and I watch another episode of something while the laundry is running and go to bed ourselves, usually around 12:30.  After a measly 6 hours of sleep, I get up and do the whole thing again.

Fitting anything extra in there requires either 1) time on the weekend or 2) a day (like today) I'm not scheduled to work.  Lately, work has been plentiful. Sundays are my one day to sleep in, do some larger housework, and then I take off for two and a half hours of Judo / BJJ, do the grocery shopping for the week, and have dinner with my parents, followed by a final homework check and bedtime routine.  Yesterday, I added a morning open mat, and went for a run.

Today I finally have a day off, but I'm still hanging around the house.  I have a Crazy Person Eye Twitch which is driving me nuts.  It's been years since this has happened, and I wonder if it has to do with all the extra exercise yesterday, or maybe my neck needs to be adjusted, or I'm tired, or dehydrated.... in any case, it's making me cranky and not interested in shopping, which is already just about my least favorite thing.  I'm on the couch, drinking coffee, blogging, mainlining Gracie Breakdowns on YouTube, and researching Eye Twitch remedies.  The one thing the Interwebs seem to agree on is "Cut Back on Caffeine." Did I mention I'm drinking coffee?

I know I need to clean, decorate, shop.  My mother stopped by this morning and, as always at this time of year, she's a tornado of Christmas Prep Energy.  In my head, my eyes are squeezed shut, my fingers are in my ears and I'm chanting LALALALALALALALALALA at the mention of Christmas.  Maybe my fierce denial is manifesting itself in the form of my Crazy Person Eye Twitch.  In any case, my one day this week to get shit done is quickly slipping away.

Sigh... let's face it.  I don't Girl well.  I can't even shop for myself, let alone other people.  Savageman is the brilliant gift giver, the one who sees a shopping trip as a magnificent treasure hunt, who returns triumphant with wonderful finds that are both practical and creative.  And he's been working 10 hour days, plus going to the gym 6 days / week.

Meh, I need to go do this.  The kids will be home from school soon.

Twitch.  Twitchtwich....

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