Thursday, April 28, 2016

This Kid

Yes, that's little on top of the podium, at a jiu jitsu tournament sometime last year.  Not so little anymore, he's 13 and in 7th grade now.  He's been taking judo and jiu jitsu for a year and a half now.

His approach is a bit different than my own.  If I put a video on for us to watch together, his eyes stay on the screen in his hand.  If he sneaks a peek at what I'm watching, he doesn't let on, even if it's something super cool that he could use on his teammates or in his next tournament. If I ask him to drill a technique with me, he runs away, or pretends to bite me or do some other silly thing, so I've learned not to ask.

So imagine my delight when I returned home from teaching childbirth tonight and asked him how class was - and was met with, "It was awesome - take your glasses off and go turtle up on the floor!"

He moved the furniture, clearing a big space in the family room and attacked my turtle, rolling me into a wicked anaconda choke.  Then he had me do it to him,  We went back and forth a few times, playing with the angle to make it tighter, comparing and contrasting with a similar technique, working out the details.

After a week of frustrations over forgotten homework, his desire to quit trumpet, and his general lackadaisical attitude toward anything requiring effort, it was a joy to play with him on the floor and appreciate something he had learned and learned well tonight at class.

Grateful tonight for the bonding opportunity, and for this sport that has given him such confidence at this crucial stage of development.

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