Friday, July 14, 2017


It's the last day of vacation. Funny how the first few days stretch on forever, and then the last few fly by and suddenly it's time to start thinking about the trip home. Time does weird things on vacation.

I think that, for me, a lot of this has to do with making the transition to a new routine.  It's uncomfortable at first, being away from familiar surroundings and having this much downtime.  It's difficult to adjust to not having to do anything, and I'm restless, constantly searching for ways to feel productive. I'm reading, writing, exercising (or trying to), and doing math.

By Wednesday, I'm staring to adjust to hanging around doing nothing all day.  I wouldn't say I've embraced it, but it's no longer uncomfortable.

Today, I feel like a slug.  Savageman got up and went for a run.  I wish I felt like it, but all I want to do is lie around, maybe read a book.  The thought of returning to the real world tomorrow, with work and housework and my new ambitious training schedule - is exhausting.  Not to mention the idea of 8 hours in the car to get there.

Heading to the beach one last time.  Today will go fast - got to soak it all in.

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