Sunday, January 02, 2011

Forward Momentum

We purchased a sectional sofa. And a Television Support Apparatus. With cabinets.

The whole thing took about an hour.

Walking around in the sofa store, I was having horrible flashbacks of the countless visits and even more countless hours of debating and deliberating and finally throwing our hands up and deciding to just keep our own dilapidated furniture. It just wasn't worth the headache - or the money - to agonize over the decision, pick something, and then hate it for the next 10 years.

But that was before we had... Janet.

Have I mentioned that I love Janet?

Janet walks into the sofa store, says what she wants, and people scramble to find it for her. She knows which "lines" will look best in our "space," she isn't afraid to put an eye-popping cheery red next to my lemongrass green walls, she knows exactly which fabric will hold up the best to boys and pets, and she's willing to do the running around to TJ Maxx and the other discount stores to shop for coordinating pillows and ottoman storage cubes.

We had the whole transaction, including the TV unit - which she and the guys are picking up and delivering for me tomorrow morning - quickly and painlessly over with in time for us to get on with the majority of our Sunday.

Janet rocks.

And our family room is just about finished.

Time to start talking about Phase II.

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It's Not Like a Cat said...

I want a Janet. Does she travel?