Monday, April 01, 2013

New Routine

So Savageman is working. Our lives have changed in a big way.

We get up, get the older boys up; I make them breakfast, he drives them to school, he heads to work.  I get Little up and see him onto the bus, unless I'm substitute teaching, in which case I leave as well and that job falls to my Mom.  If I have a neuropsych evaluation to conduct, I leave shortly after he does.

I try to keep Tuesday and Thursday mornings open for karate classes and lunch with the Master, although I won't turn down an especially good work opportunity.

It's been nice.  I've had some pleasant time with friends, done quite a bit of math and science, and we're in the process of cleaning out the extra bedroom so that Middle and Little can each have their own.

That particular project has dominated a good bit of my free time in the last two weeks.  I've spent days going through boxes and bookshelves of materials from my homeschooling years - a bittersweet task.  I'll be glad to get back to my own learning, hopefully this week.

I haven't made it in to the gym once, even though it was a regular thing I did with Savageman when he was home.  Too busy.

Keeping so busy makes the daytime go quickly.  Before I know it, it's 3:00 and Middle is home, and we're jumping in the car, picking up the girls for their dojang dropoff, then I'm back home to get Little's homework going and run him and the Teen to and from their own activities. (The Teen got his permit Wednesday, so now he'll be behind the wheel for his trip home from lacrosse.)

Once Savageman gets home, it's time to head over to the dojang for my own classes.  I kick and punch and struggle and learn for the next several hours, emerging feeling blissfully spent. By the time we get home, it's usually 9:00.  We eat and Middle does his homework; I do laundry and cleanup and other house  / parenting stuff then settle in with Savageman to battle each other at Words With Friends and watch Breaking Bad together.

We go to bed Way Too Late and get up and do it all over again the next day.

It's funny - I've adjusted rather well to the new schedule.  It was harder to adjust to the time change, which threw my sleeping, eating and exercising routine into a tizzy.  Everything just seemed an hour too early.  But other than a slight reduction in my dojang time (which I think I recouped on the weekends in the last month), it's been fine.  It's nice to see Savageman feeling happy and productive and making money again, and it's nice to have a chance to miss each other a little during the day.

Grateful for paid employment for both of us, and a positive change in general for our family.

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Julia Magnusson said...

That's great! Sounds like a really nice groove to be in.