Thursday, November 03, 2016

Was Hoping for a Productive Week

I don't usually get a whole week off work, so when I realized I had 5 days without testings, PT appointments, or responsibilities in general, I was thrilled. The possibilities were endless!  I bugged Middle to choose some schools to visit.  I imagined all the extra martial arts I would be free to do. Finishing book 3 of Game of Thrones (4 and 5 are sitting in the corner, waiting). House projects, knitting, organization and decluttering, leisurely lunch with friends, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather outside....

Well, it's Thursday.  I've done pretty much none of those things.  I actually blew off several martial arts classes / lunches and spent much of this week at the house, in sweats or the hot tub, sleeping and vegging.  I have blogged, and I worked quite a bit on my shoulder with the ball and the chiropractor yesterday.  But other than my short visit with him, I have been downright antisocial, preferring peace and quiet and feeling irritated at the slightest intrusion.  Middle wound up not wanting a college tour this week, and I turned down an invitation for coffee with a friend. No house projects happened beyond the minimal level of maintenance. The most interesting culinary creation I've managed was tuna salad, which I ate in front of YouTube.

I've been in a state of Absolute Lazy, and the week is almost over.

On the other hand, I do have more mobility in my shoulder than I've had in ages, so maybe all that messing around with the lacrosse ball has done some good.  And I took 3 classes tonight (2 BJJ and 1 Judo), all of which felt really good. I spent some quality time with The Eldest before he headed to work. I tackled the unruly pile of mail and bills that was taking over my family room.

And I caught up on my sleep and relaxed and read in the hot tub.

Maybe a week of downtime was something I needed. I have a tendency to beat myself up if I'm not being productive all the time, and that's not always a good thing. Tomorrow is another free day and I could get a lot done if I'm motivated to do so.

Or maybe I'll take another day off.  It's nice to have the option.

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