Monday, September 20, 2010


Sending the Teen off to school. Getting schoolwork together for the boys to take to Grandma's. Starbucks. Work. Bank. Grocery shopping. Back to Starbucks. Emails. Picking up the boyz. Goal setting with them. Short power nap. Arranging rides for sports and CCD. Kickboxing class. Martial arts class. Sorting out Teen issues with his English teacher, English paper, the English language in general. Luring the cat out of the uncovered family room vent. Tucking in Little. Resisting the urge to neglect Middle, who just wants to sit and watch Lord of the Rings with someone. Painting. Cleaning. Blogging. Bed.

Tomorrow, I am not scheduled to work. The weather will be beautiful and I will take my homeschoolers hiking. We will walk and talk and learn outside.

I will put down my juggling pins and allow myself to enjoy the day, enjoy the kids, enjoy our freedom, enjoy our life.

Sometimes it takes a crazy juggling day like today to put things in perspective.

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