Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today I tackled a project I've been wanting to tackle since we moved to this house in 2001. I began painting the dark wood that makes up the lower half of the walls, the trim around the windows, and all of the fireplace in our family room.

It took about 8 hours to apply two coats of primer.

Ow. My hand.

Tomorrow I have two more coats of white paint to apply. But the change is already evident.

The fact that, after all the years of fears and doubts regarding taking this step, I was finally able to just go ahead and do it - represents a transformation in myself also.

I'm wrapping up my 40th year - which was in many ways my absolute best, and for a short time seemed like my absolute worst.

Highs and lows aside, it was a year of challenging my own perceived limitations, and this was one of them. I never thought I would have the guts to 1) take this step from which there would be no turning back, and 2) defy Savageman, who has been dead-set against this step every time it has come up for discussion.

This time, I ignored his protests and calmly reassured him that after he saw the results he would ask why we hadn't done this sooner. Which is exactly what he did.

If I'd known that it would be this easy, I would have done it sooner!

There's a quote from the film American Beauty that I will always associate with this year, and now with this room.

"It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself. Makes you wonder what else you can do."

Once again, I'm surprised. And pleasantly so.

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JM said...

Wonderful~ and glad to see you're writing again!