Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Here

Well, 5/21/11 has come and gone.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm still here.

All of the media hype surrounding this End-of-the-World-Rapture stuff did give me an opportunity to pause and take stock of my life, which is never a bad thing.

It occurred to me, multiple times today, that I have it pretty darn good.

First of all, it was a beautiful day. The first real sunny day we've had in about a week.

Just gorgeous.

I woke up in my comfy bed, albeit earlier than I had hoped, because my husband of 16 years was telling me how cute I look while I'm sleeping. The irony of the fact that he woke me up to tell me that was lost on him, but it was so sweet, I couldn't be grouchy.

He and the Teen took off for a soccer tournament, and I fed Middle, Middle's Friend Who Slept Over, and Little a tasty breakfast and packed them up for the all-day martial arts demonstration for Armed Forces Day at City Island. The kids were amazing to watch, as always, and Little had a wonderful time walking a friend's dog around the demo area. I love my martial arts friends, so spending time with them outside of the Dojang is always a treat.

I left there after about 2 hours, ran Little home to get ready for his baseball game, then headed out to my cousin's bridal shower. I could only stay there for about 2 hours before I had to hop in the car and head back to help break down the demo and pack up Middle and his Friend once more. Then a large segment of the martial arts gang headed out to El Rodeo. More time with the friends was great, although I probably didn't need the burrito. Oink.

From there, I raced to the grocery store, got the ingredients for a tasty salad, threw it together and took it to a birthday dinner party where I laughed almost continuously for 5 hours straight with 9 of the funniest women I know. My eyes are still watering and my abs will hurt tomorrow, but it was so much fun and it felt so good that it was all worth it.

And then I came home to my sweet hubby, who had cleaned up and put the kids to bed and was waiting up for me; home to my books and computer and dusted-off blog, where I am happily recording this day before I head up for a relaxing bath and a long sleep.

It was a hectic day, and I spent much of it on the go, driving from place to place, but I was enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the mountains and trees and sky that make up the scenery of I-81, listening to a Cheryl Crow CD, just taking it all in and appreciating it all so much. The word "elated" kept popping into my head, and that really was how I was feeling. Seeing Middle doing something he totally loves (and rocks at), knowing my other two were busy at their own activities, spending time with my mom and extended family, my martial arts family, and looking forward to an evening among good friends - the sum of it all made me want to hug the world.

If it had been my last day, it wouldn't have been a bad day to end on.

But I'm glad it wasn't.


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