Monday, August 27, 2012

Day ? Part II: And Since I Have Time...

I can finally finish the post I keep starting and abandoning which describes the rest of my summer.

As far as summers go, this one was extremely busy, and extremely fun. 

Most days were spent in the company of an extended family of young people from the dojang.

Some highlights:

There was Hershey Park

Various Culinary Skills Days...

...Featuring crazy burger experiments and incredible desserts

A big national competition... 

... In which Middle took Second Place in open hand forms and Sixth in fighting

... At a beautiful convention center in D.C....

...Followed by a day of sightseeing with my favorite adopted kids

Another trip to Hershey Park

A lot of music

...and much general hanging out at the house between classes.

All in all... best summer ever. We milked it for every bit of fun possible. Sad to see it end...

But weekends are open this fall. :-)

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