Sunday, September 09, 2012

My Last Color Belt Test

The Before Picture: Encouragement from Middle

Bowing in

A whole lot of punches

Hand techniques

Moving concentrations with resisitance



More forms


Continuous fighting

With the 'rents

Proud Middle

Debriefing with the guru, as always

With my ninja girls

... and my mama tribe

Little, looking happy as always to have his picture taken

Middle's bf / my adopted son / testing buddy (the other red belts were all teen boys)
Grateful to the guru for his many hours of mentoring and weekend practices

Zombies are eatin' mah head!
Supportive hubby - and excellent photographer

The After Picture - speaks for itself. 

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Julia said...

Fantastic!! What an accomplishment! And I love all the pictures, to get a better sense of what you're doing/going through! Congratulations!!!