Friday, September 07, 2012


I test for my red/stripe tomorrow.

It will be my very last color belt test.  Nine months later, in June, I will be eligible to test for my black belt, if The Master decides that I am ready.

There's no question as to my readiness for this one.  I have trained harder in the last 6 months than I have trained for anything in my entire life.  Testing for red, and now red/stripe - it's been serious business for me. 

In addition to the 12+ hours per week I put into actual classes at the dojang, I have also been there working in an open room or outside on the grass for hours before, between, and after classes.  There have been long practices on the weekends where we have fine-tuned forms, sparred, broken down and reassembled individual techniques, and discussed the theory and applications of what we're doing.

One of the Adopted Daughters brought her camera to the competition and to some of our many open practice sessions last weekend and caught me in the act of doing what I love.

Hanging at the competition with my girls.  (And Sabumnim P.)

I needed a new Profile Pic...

Fine-tuning Longstick 2

Middle in Motion

My Testing Buddy

Middle working the Nunchakau - me with longstick in the mirror
Open hand forms with one of my bestest Ninja pals

My arm is so straight.... fixing that one action took weeks.

Spinning kamas

Working on longstick 1 with the guru

Me in my Happy Place

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