Friday, February 20, 2015

My Thumb is Broken

Doing a spin kick last Tuesday morning, I lost my footing and landed directly on the tip of my extended right thumb. So lovely, pictured here 5 days later.
So many pretty colors.  An X-ray done the following day confirmed that I did indeed break the top bone, just above the joint.  It will heal in 4-6 weeks without surgery or pins, provided I keep it splinted and don't do anything stupid to it. Sigh.

The timing of this kind of sucks. I'm preparing for the possibility of testing for 2nd Dan in 3 1/2 months, and last month, I started cross training in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu during the gaps in my Jung Sim Do schedule. Although I was told no martial arts for 6 weeks, I haven't actually cut back much.  Activity in most of my classes can be modified, and I've pretty much been keeping my regular schedule. And keeping the thumb carefully splinted.

My teachers remind me that this is an opportunity to use my left hand more, to think outside the box and get creative with the techniques, to explore my options without my right hand, to focus on teaching and mentoring. Maybe if my attitude about it improves, I'll get to that.  For now, having to modify my workouts and everything else I do, including bathing, dressing, writing, driving, and usual stuff around the house is making me scattered and pissy.

The cold weather is not helping in that regard.  Temperatures have been in the single digits this week, and below zero with the wind chill.  Another winter storm is heading our way this weekend.
Even with multiple layers on, I'm always cold in the winter, and my fingers and toes are downright icy right now.  This, of course, exacerbates the pain in the thumb, and the doc warned that Advil would slow the bone's healing process (I had no idea!), so I have not taken it. Pain also makes me scattered and pissy.

Grouchy, grouchy, grouchy.

On a less grouchy note, I'm home today for a much-deserved day to relax and regroup.  Things are generally going well.  I've been working a lot, and work has been more challenging and interesting lately as I'm seeing more kid and teen neuro patients.  Evening time has been split between JSD, BJJ and Judo.  Tonight, I'm doing Bikram Yoga with Middle and then heading to my weekly Judo lesson, which has been a welcome change from Friday night sparring where I was in a serious rut.  Bikram is "Hot" Yoga. The room is at least 105 degrees, which will feel great on a day like today.  Middle and I will sweat buckets.  Tonight's Judo is a semi-private lesson with a 2nd Dan Judoka who is fixing my throws and making me love Judo almost as much as he does. After that, there will be dinner and wine with a group of dojang women for some laughs and bonding time.  All good stuff.

Keeping things in perspective.  I'm almost 25% through the worst part of my healing process and I'm staying very busy with things I like doing. And I had a relaxing day to catch up and even update my blog. :)

Will try to write more as I continue to prepare for my test.  

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