Friday, February 27, 2015

So Much Better

Got a great night's sleep.

Did a neuropsych evaluation this morning, felt good, happy, productive all day long.

No Judo lesson tonight, so I went back to JSD for more sparring.  Tonight I got all teenage boys, which were good matches for me.  They go hard and fast, but they are closer to my size than the men.  As usual, there were no other women.  A few come out once in a while, but I'm the only one who spars regularly.  Or did.

This was the last scheduled night off for Judo, I think, so I am committed through May.

I also have a new childbirth class starting this Thursday, so I'll be committed there as well through May.  This will be a mixed blessing, as it's lucrative work that I enjoy, but I will miss 12 weeks of Beginner BJJ class, which I also enjoy. I'll still have Sundays, but to get another weekly class in, I'll have to steal time away from JSD for a while, which was not my intention. I'm considering Thursday mornings, or an occasional Monday or Wednesday night.  Another option is taking a Tuesday or Saturday no-gi class, but that seems to be for more advanced students.  I tried it once and felt like I was out of my league, at least for now.

My morning training buddy tries to convince me I need a rest day. I do understand his point, but I also don't think twoish hours per day is that hard on my body, especially compared to what I did two years ago to prepare for my black belt test.  For a long time, I was putting in more than 20 hours per week, and now it's less than 15.  Considering how crappy I feel when I don't get that, I think it's important that I stay consistent.

I also heal faster, have less pain and inflammation, and don't need regular Advil like I did before going Paleo two years ago.

But that's another story.

I'm off to bed for hopefully another awesome sleep.


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