Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Outta Time

The little sproingy thing on my watch broke early last week.

This watch is the last thing I take off when I get in the shower and the first thing to go back on. And unless I'm in the shower or the pool or the dojang, it's been a fixture on my arm since around when Middle was conceived.

So it's a little weird being without it.

For the first day or so, I must have looked at my bare wrist 500 times.

The next couple of days were better - if I really needed to know what time it was, I pulled out my cell phone and looked at it.

Now I don't even do that.

There's something about being all Zen in the summer, just doing stuff with the kids and not needing to know what time it is (other than for martial arts classes.)

Looking forward to a few more weeks of hanging out at the pool, in the woods, and with our friends just enjoying the summer with no time constraints.

Not hurrying to get my watch fixed. My arm and my spirit are lighter without it.

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