Wednesday, August 03, 2011


... is weakness leaving the body.

That's what we tell ourselves, anyway.

I'm no longer at the point where I feel every workout the next day, but I'm feeling it now. Especially in the arm and shoulder regions. Not sure if it was all the pushups and planks earlier in the week or being repeatedly thrown on the mat by the 19-Year-Old-Wonder - I love that guy - but I'm feeling it tonight.

My home remedy for post-workout muscle aches? Aleve and red wine. (Anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants.) And a hot shower or bath.

Which is where I'm headed.

And that's all the whining I'm going to do. Pain: physical, emotional, spiritual - is often an essential step toward a stronger body, mind and heart. I'm learning to embrace it and all that it has to teach me.

This is the strongest I've been in so many ways, and I have - in large part - the pain to thank for that.

Feeling so very blessed to have these aching muscles.


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