Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weeding Once Again

This time, I was uncharacteristically Brutal.

The thorny raspberries that keep pushing their way through the fence into my tomatoes and peppers? Gone.

The "volunteer" pumpkins that all but took over the whole garden this year? Gone.

Any of the veggies that weren't producing, weren't pulling their weight, weren't justifying their existence in my garden? Yep. Gone.

Sorry, lame veggies.

It took more than 4 hours of work, but I have reclaimed my garden. And, as always, I have come away with Insights.

Sometimes you have to be Brutal.

I once told someone that I "didn't have it in me." I once broke down in the changing room after having to fight my close friend during class, fearing my own ability to hurt her.

I let plants I didn't really want take over my garden because I didn't have the heart to kill them.

No more.

I am Strong. I am Fierce. I am Brutal.

Fear Me.

And admire my garden.


Ed said...

Glad I'm not a lame veggie

Kath said...

You're the best veggie ever. Luv U! <3 <3 <3