Wednesday, December 08, 2010


The living room has the piano and other musical instruments in it, in addition to the good stereo / sound system.

Also, a CD tree that keeps getting knocked down and only holds about 1/1000 of our CDs, a whole lot of martial arts weapons and yoga mats, and currently a pile of Geo Trax and blocks.

We got these two awesomely comfy chairs from my aunt and uncle. They're great, but I think they're headed for the rec room in the basement.

Our dining room, which I actually love, except it's been taken over by piles of the kids' homeschooling crap everywhere.

It was all supposed to stay contained in this small cabinet, but that wasn't quite realistic.

Our family room - newly painted, and much better now that the dark wood is all white, but it's still not functional. There's no home for the toys that keep migrating here, and the furniture and art is a hodgepodge of stuff we picked up cheap or free in the grad school days. The carpet is downright nasty, the current TV situation = too small, too high, too sloppy.

Our sofa and chair - again, inherited from family and starting to fall apart after years of abuse at the hands of little boys. And pets. The chair on the right is a dumping ground for anything people carry into the house.

My filing system.

My other filing system.

See our old kitchen table there? That's my desk. The only place in the house I can truly call my own. And it's a mess. Like the bar above it that everyone dumps their crap on all the time.

And both those ancient brassy light fixtures? Soon to be gone.

So, what's the plan?


First, the living room. Paint. Hardwood floor. The far wall covered floor to ceiling with a unit containing a desk area, cabinets, filing drawers and shelves. Two smaller chairs. Instruments (and weapons?) mounted on the wall.

Paint and hardwood in the entryway, and new carpet runner and banister for the stairs. Maybe a new front door and a new light fixture.

The dining room. More hardwood floor. Floor to ceiling corner cabinet where the white thing was. Attractive sideboard where the homeschooling crap is. Which may include a coffee bar area. :-) Paint - possibly buttery yellow.

The kitchen. More hardwood floor. New brushed nickel light fixture to match the one in the dining room. Getting rid of the yellow paint. Decluttering.

The family room. Touching up the white wood. New carpet. Cabinets where the desk / table is now. Ceiling fan / different lighting. Larger TV in a corner unit. Sectional sofa.

Powder room. Paint. New floor, toilet, counter, sink.

And Savageman? Totally on board.

All of this = Happy me! :-)

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