Thursday, December 09, 2010

Saying Goodbye

My Bradley class ended tonight.

For the last 12 Thursdays, I have bonded with these wonderful couples, helping them to prepare for the most momentous experience of their lives - the birth of their first child.

Three out of the five couples were planning a homebirth. Actually four, but one mom developed complications and needed to deliver at the hospital. She did fine, though - they brought their new baby to visit with us last week, which I'm sure was very motivational for the other couples.

The second couple to leave us had their baby a few days ago - a wonderful homebirth attended by one of my close friends.

Another couple had to miss our last class for their hospital tour.

So tonight it was just me and the last two homebirthing couples - and they are so calm and prepared, they really didn't need much from me tonight, so we mainly watched videos and talked about their homebirth plans and baby care.

We finished as we usually do, with a long relaxation practice - dim lights, relaxing music, some guided imagery from Mind Over Labor. I love this part of the class - it's so peaceful and serene guiding them into a deep state of relaxation, then basking in it with them until the music ends. I'm always reluctant to break the spell by turning on the lights and bringing them back to reality. I remind them that they can go right back to this feeling when they get home to bed, but they always chuckle, like that's not completely realistic.

Wait until they're preparing for their second child.

In any case, I'm sad to see my class end. It will be nice to have my Thursday nights back - but not really.

I'm glad I'm starting another class in January.

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