Friday, December 03, 2010

Peaceful Calm

I spent a short while in the home of a good friend last night. We sat on cushions in front of the fireplace and ate hearty homemade soup and bread. It was such a cozy, peaceful, welcoming space - fragrant with Nag Champa and pleasantly cluttered with artwork, little Buddhist statues, pretty lamps and tables, and an affectionate cat. It was the kind of room you enter and let out a deep, relaxed sigh. We ate and talked and I let myself soak in her healing magic.

I left feeling centered and renewed. Took that same peace to my childbirth class, where I tried to pass it along to my pregnant couples. Took it home to deal with a situation with the Teen, who could use some help finding his own center. Took it to bed with Savageman with a glass of wine and some soulful music.

Lo and behold, it's still here this morning. Nag Champa burning, good music on Pandora, warm coffee and time to myself. Writing in my Gratitude Journal. Breathing. Feeling healthy and whole.

My elbows feel better. Unbelievable, since I thought the extra martial arts and kickboxing would actually make them worse. And they're not just a little better - they're almost completely better. Just like that.

I feel strong. I had no intention of testing for my yellow belt next week, but now I'm considering it after all.

My goal for today is to sustain this feeling, and to pass it along. And to look for ways to make my own home that cozy and welcoming.


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