Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hello December

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Well, it will be later on this month. But not yet.

This whole starting the Christmas Season the day after Thanksgiving - it just leaves us burnt out by the time the actual holiday rolls around.

So I prefer to stay in denial for another 3 weeks. So do the kids. During the many hours we spend driving around in the car each week, I've had to play CDs instead of the radio. Yes, they would actually prefer Indigo Girls over Christmas Carols until about December 18. This would really rock their world. But I'm not that evil. >:-)

The decorating, list making, cookie baking, shopping, carol singing... we're just not ready for all that yet - much to the frustration of those people in our lives who like to get their shopping done early (sorry Mom!) Have I mentioned that they're not materialistic kids?

Middle has started thinking about it - but I don't see him putting down his iPod for anything other than the most mandatory of schoolwork, martial arts, and bathing. And the only reason for the last two is that something Bad might happen to it. An iTunes card is probably all he needs.

Little told me this morning he wants an egg poacher for Christmas. Glad to have that taken care of.

The Teen will likely be happy with clothes. Now that he finally has a cell phone, his life is complete.

I remember reading the Little House on the Prairie books as a kid and marveling at how spare the Christmas gifts were back then, and how thrilled they were to receive... an orange. It's all about expectations and perspective. I honestly think these guys would rather have one thing they want and will actually use than the mounds of packaged stuff made in China that we wind up piling up under the tree just so that they will have Stuff to open Christmas morning.

Oh, and they genuinely enjoy picking out, paying for, wrapping, and presenting a gift or two to each other. Which is sweet. I do like that part, even if it is crap from China.

Okay, back to business. Little is making French Toast and I think it's almost done.


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