Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbye November!

Yeah, well...

It was good for me to have a regular writing outlet. I'll try to keep doing it, even though I'm just writing for my own eyes most of the time.

Moving on...

I took back the homeschooling reins today, which was nice. Little and I spent the morning coloring in his History book and baking and listening to music. When Middle showed up, we launched into American History for him, but I think they both enjoyed it. Little did some spelling and Middle wrote a bit on the American History. It wasn't an amazing day, but it was a good first day back after break.

Little has been asking me to read At Home to him. The kid is fascinated with everything architectural. He has been since before he could properly say architectural. It's almost creepy. He watches This Old House, and talks about stuff he learns. I didn't think he was really listening when I was reading to him about the invention of steel and the use of different types of bricks as building materials, but he repeated it all back to me, in more detail than I could have imagined coming from him. I knew he liked to build stuff with blocks and tinker toys, but I didn't really understand until recently how much deeper his interest in design and construction went.

Very cool. I'll have to find a way to work this interest into my Christmas shopping.

Speaking of Chrismas shopping - they're impossible to buy for. They aren't materialistic kids, and are pretty happy and satisfied with what they have. Which is how we like them. It will make them happier adults. I never did see the point of training them from such a young age to want want want more and more stuff. We already have too much stuff we hardly ever use. Yes, they like to open things on Christmas, but by the next day, much of it has been set aside and they're back playing with the same open-ended stuff they like. Namely, blocks, cars and little creatures and action figures. They have an infinite amount of ways to play with them and will spend hours doing so if left to their own devices.

I think I want a French Press. I had coffee made with one the other day and it was great. I'll have to research this a bit...

But otherwise, I'm good.


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