Friday, November 05, 2010

Exploring Lower Manhattan

Any ideas regarding must-sees for a couple of "crunchy" chicks who aren't looking to go to shows or museums this time? Post them here! I'll blog about our adventures this weekend and post lots of pictures.


Plain Jane said...

Buy some Prada and Balenciaga knock-offs in Chinatown and then go pretend you're shopping for an apartment in the Plaza District, see how the other .02% lives. And hey, I could email my brother if you want, ask him for great restaurant recommendations! That was his thing when they lived there.

Kath said...

LOL! I think finding some quality knock-offs is definitely on the list. Would love any recommendations from your bro!

Plain Jane said...

How long are you going to be there? Going home tomorrow? Haven't heard back from my bro yet, but he took us to Nobu, which was probably the best restaurant I've ever been to, but crazy expensive, Les Halles, which was awesome (used to be Tony Bourdain's place, and one of Bobby Flay's restaurants - can't remember the name - which was mediocre. There were a couple other places I hope he gets back to me on because I can't remember their names and they were great. Anyway, hope you're having a blast!!

Plain Jane said...

Here's what Mike said:

Babbo - best restaurant I've ever been to
Sushi Samba
Asia De Cuba
Bouley - 5 course lunch
Acquavit - Scandinavian