Monday, November 22, 2010

The Long Day I Mentioned Yesterday

Indeed it was.

It started at 6:30 when I got up with the Teen. He had informed me that the public schools were off and there would be no bus today so I would have to drive him to school. So not only did I have to get up, I had to get dressed at this unGodly dark hour if I wanted him to go to school today, which I most emphatically did.

We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and coffee.

And pulled into the school parking lot right behind.... his bus.

Him: "But there were announcements! And signs on the cafeteria doors!"


Turns out, it was a different school district that had off the whole week, not ours. But I was up, and I had a big cup of fast-food coffee. Whee.

I got home, put together schoolwork for the Smaller Savages to do with Grandma, and got ready for work. Snuck out of the house while everyone else was still in bed. Gave brain tests to a nice lady for the next 4 hours or so.

Went grocery shopping.

Came home, put away groceries, put in laundry, changed clothes, and picked up the Smaller Savages at the Grandparents' house.

Middle Savage read his book. Little Savage made corn muffins. I "reshaped" a Gap lambswool top I got yesterday at the thrift store for $3.99 - which I absolutely loved - and had ruined by washing it, even though the tag said you could wash it. It came out of the machine looking like doll clothes. I stretched it (almost) back to its original shape. But it took a while.

The Teen came home, needing to talk about his day and needing a new mouth guard for his first practice tonight - he made the Freshman basketball team, which is kind of a big deal. I took him shopping.

Then to practice, then to the bank, then to get my friend's key so I can feed her cats this week, then back home to pass the parenting baton to Savageman, then... (pant, pant) off to 2 hours of martial arts.

I've been avoiding the kickboxing class for a month or two now, because of my Elbow. But screw it - like the Brain said the other day - the Elbow is like, 1/300 of the whole body and the rest of us need to work out. Suck it up, Elbow!

I punched. I kicked. I ran. I did crunches. (I avoided the pushups to appease the wimp Elbow.) And when that was done, I changed into my gi and did another hard-core hour of regular martial arts class with more punching, kicking, and crunches - plus fighting techniques.

Came home to salad and a tasty beer. Dealt with homework issues. Took shower, read to Little.

Feeling strong. Ignoring the fact that my left arm hates me right now. I can type without moving it.


Doing it again tomorrow.

Feeling strong.


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