Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4 Weeks

It's still puffy and I'm still squeamish about putting any pressure on it - cracking eggs, for example... But the thumb is much better.  I do still keep the splint on it for pretty much everything.  The last thing I want to do is start all over because I accidentally snapped it again.

Follow-up X-Ray tomorrow.

Other than being super-tired from the gawdawful time change, life is returning to normal.  I was back at JSD last night and this morning, and I'm pushing myself harder, doing more, and actually sweating again there.  Once I can do burpees again, I'll know I'm healed.

Teaching kids this morning, I was happy to be able to incorporate my new focus on leverage - so necessary for a smaller person in BJJ - into my Hapkido lesson with them.  So often, we go through the motions of the escape-and-counter techniques without stopping to make sure they are using the leverage that will make them actually work against a resisting partner.  This was my focus today, and it was cool to see the looks on their faces when it clicked and they could escape even a strong grip.

Cross-training is already teaching me to be a better teacher.

I spent the second half of adult class working on my throws, thanks to a few willing partners.  And we got Indian buffet for lunch.  A good morning in general.

Tonight, I watched Little's class, and was happy to see him awarded his 4th stripe on his white belt.  His next promotion will mean a new belt.

 It's a good night as well.


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