Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 15: Back to Work!

I will write tonight. I will write tonight. I will write tonight.

As soon as I finish Catching Fire.

Funny how reading the Twilight books made me feel like a really good writer and these books make me feel like I'll never be that good.

Both YA series are fun and exciting, but these are just written better, IMHO.

I'm comforting myself with the reminder that this is just an exercise to help me get over the fear of actually finishing something. It really doesn't have to be good.


But, if after I.E. gets her mitts on it, it is really good, I'd like to get it published, just so that there will be something other than Vampire books on the YA shelf at the bookstore.

'Cause other than Hunger Games, that's pretty much all there is, and that's just sad.

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melissa said...

Vampires can't last forever! Or at least that's what I hope, since I will soon have YA readers who will need at least a few non-vampire-related books.

(They won't last forever on the bookshelf, I mean-- I guess technically vampires last forever unless they have an unfortunate encounter with a wooden stake?)