Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 22: Planning for Next Year

Okay, so this year, this story just didn't work out. Feeling okay with moving on with my life sans regrets on this one.

Thinking ahead to a fresh new story for next year. One for grown-ups this time.

To tell you the truth, the main reason I wanted to write for kids is that I was afraid that if I wrote something not for kids, my kids would read it anyway, and, well, that might be embarrassing.

But that's actually assuming a lot. I researched and wrote about a quarter of the material in this book and they haven't bothered to read it. Why should I worry about them reading some book that isn't even written for them?

So, moving ahead to an idea for a grown-up book.

Question for all 3 of the people who actually read this: if the world were to actually end in 2012, (not that I believe it will, of course - if the Mayans were so smart, where the heck are they all now?) what's on your bucket list? What will you be really pissed if you die without having accomplished or experienced in your life?

I'm not talking about expensive vacations or anything like that - just goals for yourself, things to experience with your friends / kids, elements missing in your marriage / relationships, etc.

It's a good mid-life crisis question, isn't it?


JM said...

bucket list:
1. climb mt. rainier
2. be passionately and mutually in love with an energetic, supportive person who shares my interests and goals
3. FINALLY print and mail some photos of my child to my mother-in-law

Kath said...

Thanks, J!
I think a lot of people are longing for 2. Why is that so stinking hard to find?