Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 25: Thankful All Year

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The one day of the year that we're supposed to look around and take stock of all the blessings we have in our lives and remember to be thankful for them.

I'm way ahead of the game.

Several months ago, I bought a pretty spiral notebook and started writing in it. Every day. Several times per day. Line after line, page after page, I list all the things for which I am happy and grateful.

It's a powerful mood elevator / sustainer.

Some days I only write a few lines, others I can write a page or more. It doesn't matter if it's something I've already written; there are many repeats. But if I'm feeling grateful for it at that particular moment, it goes down in the notebook.

I initially thought that, if I was having a rough day or starting to feel depressed, I could pick it up and read it and feel better. But honestly, I haven't had to because just writing a few things in it has always done the trick.

So today, in honor of Thanksgiving, I'll share a few:

A husband who gives me a reason to laugh just about every day.

A teen who challenges me to be the best parent I can be.

A tween who is deep and perceptive and loves to read.

A little guy who is generous with hugs and loaded with silliness.

Healthy and supportive parents who live nearby.

My warm and loving in-law family.

My wonderful friend who got me out of the house last night for bonding and recharging :-)

These two and their little brother.

All of the wonderful Mommy friends who touch my life, in person and online / onphone.

Martial arts classes and the work they have done on my body and mind.

Our sweet dog who happily puts up with so much.



Planning adventures.

Freedom to structure my day (and the kids' education) the way I want.

Looking and feeling better than I have since... ever.

The new jeans - they still fit!

Just a sample - I could go on, but the little guy's about to turn on the TV so I should wrap it up.

Last night, my friend brought up the idea of a book for writing nice things about each kid as a way to encourage Kyle's reading. They do have gratitude journals of their own, but I've never done something like this, where I (or anyone, really) can write nice things to them. It's such a great idea - I'm starting them today.

Happy Thanksgiving - all year long.

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