Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 16: Stalled out at 17,000

I can't stand this story any more.

I.E. insisted on taking a look, and she hates it too.

I think she's got the P.M.S. - she's crabbier than usual.

My options at this point: 1) Quit completely and walk away from the whole thing, 2) Start fresh with something that might not so totally suck, or 3) Grit my teeth for the next 14 days and try to finish this.

I don't really want to quit, and I don't think I have time to start fresh again. There are bits and pieces of this that I like - mainly the newer stuff - but mixing it with the older stuff has muddied it. Like that yucky color you get when you mix too many other colors in with your paint. Which is probably why they tell you to start NaNoWriMo with a clean slate.

Reading good YA fiction over the weekend didn't help, either. I thought it would inspire me, and in that respect, I was right. But it inspired me to write something good, not the dreck I'm currently writing.

I need to meditate on where I want this to go and decide if it's still worth the effort.
The good news: All the angst over this has made NaBloPoMo a breeze.

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Demeron said...

I vote 4. loosen up and have fun with your plot. A 32,000 word opportunity to inhabit an alternate reality without domestic demands. What's not to like?