Saturday, November 07, 2009

Day 7: An Amazing Surge Forward!

15,363 words! I'm two days ahead of schedule!

It's a Miracle!

Okay, maybe it's not really a miracle.

Maybe I cheated a little.

NaNoWriMo recommends that you use the month to write a new book, not finish one you've already been working on. So I took the story I started working on 4 years ago and started it over, in 1st person instead of 3rd, thinking maybe a fresh approach would work out better.

It was not working out better. In fact, I was feeling increasingly limited. And frustrated.

I took yesterday off completely. When I got back today, I heard the Inner Editor's muffled voice calling me from the Kennel.

It sounded something like, "The old draft was better!"

Or it could have been, "The bold giraffe will get her!"

Considering there are no giraffes in my story, bold or otherwise, I went with my initial hunch and uploaded my old 3rd person draft. Of course I.E. likes it; she's been doing nothing but editing those same 5 chapters for years now.

She's still not coming out of the Kennel. Even if she was right.


On the upside, my word count jumped from 6,715 to 15,363 in a split second. Also, now I can get back to moving my story forward instead of continuing to be mired in the beginning stuff. And now that I'm ahead instead of behind, I'm not feeling so miserable about the process.

This is much better.

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