Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Four Days

Savageman left for Chicago today. For the next four days, I will be Alone.

Other than the boys, that is.

I will have four days to run the house, parent the kids, spend my time - just the way I want.

This is usually the time that I would throw myself into a project - a big, messy project - just to assert my freedom and independence. I get a sudden burst of energy knowing that I only have a limited time to accomplish all the things I want to do without him saying, "Why are you doing that?" "Where are you going to put that?" and of course, "You didn't move anything of mine, did you?" At the very least, I should go poke through his CD collection.


Maybe I'll start that tomorrow. Tonight, I just miss my hubby. He drives me nuts sometimes, but the thought of four days without him - and the thought of going to bed alone with my book and no one to snuggle with or rub my legs while we read - makes me sad and lonely.

I may not overhaul the garage this week, but I am letting the cat sleep in our room.

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