Tuesday, October 05, 2010


My kids stay up too late.

Savageman enjoys unwinding with a crossword puzzle or surfing the web in the evening.

These two facts add up to a great deal of frustration for me, the sole remaining parent, who usually has been parenting all day, (minus the hour or two I spend kicking and punching at martial arts.)

Would I like to sit, relax, and surf the web or do a crossword puzzle or (gasp!) read a book for a little while to unwind before bed?

Hmmmmm.... let me think....

Well, the answer doesn't really matter anyway, because I don't often get that chance. Homework needs to be checked, French needs to be reviewed, reluctant children need to be sent to bed, arguing and excuses for why they are not yet in bed need to be shut down, (sometimes repeatedly), last minute items need to be washed or gathered for school the next day, the kitchen needs to be cleaned up, lost items need to be found.... you get the picture.

Not much work for two actively engaged parents, but for one, trying to juggle all these things alone, after she's been doing it most of the day?

It sucks.

I told everyone that I was Off Duty tonight at 10:50. It is now 11:50 and I still hear the Teen upstairs messing around. This is what happens when Internetman - I mean Savageman - is put in charge.

Something's got to change around here...

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