Friday, October 01, 2010

Peaceful Space

One of my nearest and dearest friends invited me to her lovely, spacious, cheery home today for lunch and soap-making fun.

I farmed out Little to the grandparents to do schoolwork and play with his also-homeschooled best friend who lives next door to them.

I farmed out Middle to his also-homeschooled friend for science and Boy Scout badge fun.

And of course, the Teen was at school and soccer.

I was free! FREE!

It was like a day at the spa - yummy, healthy food, pleasant surroundings, a fun craft, lots of good feminine energy and nurturing. It was just what I needed, and she seemed to enjoy it as well.

The kids returned from their individual outings happy and refreshed, and I came home to my own not-perfect-but-pretty-clean home equally happy and refreshed, ready to tackle the organizing homeschool supplies project I have planned for this weekend.

Feeling grateful tonight for my friends and family and for the opportunity to take a breather and get my head together.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to do nothing productive for a little while.

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