Thursday, October 28, 2010


... starts in a few days.

The mission is to write a full-length novel in 30 days. There's a website where you can keep track of your progress, connect with an equally nutty community of writers online or locally for support and motivation, and where you can gain prizes and recognition if you manage to finish.

I've tried this twice and have crashed and burned both times.

Will I try it again this November?

Still thinking about it.

One thing I do know - if I do it, it will be with a fresh new book, not the same old teen fiction I keep dusting off. That part intrigues me a bit.

And I really do have the time if I get up early - and give up reading for a month.

But I just got that cool new e-reader...

I don't know. It's only a month. 1700 words per day. Plus the sense of satisfaction it would give me to create (and finish) something of my own would be refreshing.

I have a few more days to think about it. At least I know I can do NaBloPoMo next month.

That's something.

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