Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm turning 41 a week from tomorrow. 40 was pretty darn good - and I'm aiming to make 41 even better. Starting with this, my Birthday Week!!!!!

I'm kicking off Birthday Week by going to see my favorite band in concert Tuesday night. Yes, I'm talking about the Indigo Girls.


I started listening to the Indigo Girls my senior year of college, circa 1991. Savageman's roommate brought home this cool new thing called a Compact Disc. It looked like a miniature, silver LP, and he put it in his cool new CD player and made me a cassette. "Closer to Fine" had a little skip at the beginning of it on my copy, but that was okay with me. I listened to that cassette thousands of times, sang along with it in she shower (sometimes Emily's part, sometimes Amy's). It was my favorite music through my 5 years of grad school - the one album I kept coming back to whenever I wanted something familiar to sing along with.

Some people want a wide variety of music in their lives - I'm content to stay with what's comfortable and familiar and soothing and singable. (I'm loyal like that.)

Last year, I was digging through Savageman's extensive CD collection and couldn't believe my eyes when I came across - MORE Indigo Girls! I didn't even know he had them. I immediately claimed them for my own and began stocking my car with their music. What we didn't have, I ordered, until I had the whole collection. For the last year or so, that's what we've been playing in the car when we want commercial-free music.

One thing I really like is that each of their albums is completely different from the others. And within each one, there is a nice mix of different flavors, so there's really something for every mood. Happy, sad, angsty, hopeful, strong, angry, sweet, gentle, religious, rebellious... No matter how I'm feeling on a given car-ride, there's an album that will speak to my mood or lift me up. As a result, I haven't tired of the 10 CDs I've been driving around with for the past year or so, or needed to look for something new. I love them all, (although Nomads, Indians & Saints is probably my favorite.)

I am proud to say that my boys know more Indigo Girls lyrics than 99.9% of boys their age on the entire planet. Sure, they change the words sometimes to be silly, but ask them any song, and they'll know it. Middle and I have had some really interesting in-depth conversations about what different songs are about. Poetry is not a favorite subject of his, so when he wants to talk about symbolism in a song's lyrics, I jump at the opportunity.

I've never seen these two live, but many of my friends have, and they say it was a great experience. Very excited...

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