Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Just Realized...

I finished NaBloPoMo June.


Writing every day has been a good exercise for me, especially writing on the blog. Unlike a journal, knowing that someone, somewhere might read it at some point makes me at least try do a good job with it. But knowing that in reality very few people will actually read it, I am comfortable writing about whatever's on my mind at the moment I sit down at the computer. Kind of a good balance between writing "with the door open" and "with the door closed" as Stephen King would say.

It's interesting - when I'm blogging daily, I notice things differently throughout the day. I pay attention to things, events, feelings, and expriences that I might not otherwise think so much about. "Maybe that's what I'll write about tonight," is a thought that occurs to me a few times per day.

Kind of like being in Therapy.

As a result, the benefits of daily writing haven't just been limited to the time I actually spend writing, but extend to the rest of my day as well. I also enjoy looking back over what I've written, remembering things I might not have remembered, sharing things with Savageman and the kids, etc.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that 15-60 minutes per day is too long to spend on this, but when I consider the fact that I watch no television, play no computer games, do no crossword puzzles, and spend very little time on Facebook or Twitter, I realize there are worse things I could be doing with my time.

So I guess I'm a fan of writing.

(Okay, that was really corny, but it's the closest thing I could find to a post on this month's theme. July's theme is Swim. Maybe I'll do better with that one.)

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