Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Shadow Knows...

And while we're speaking of courage and facing our demons...

Got the link for the latest Mark Brady blog post in my inbox today.

In it, he talks about the power of our "shadow" - basically, the repressed stuff about ourelves that we hide, that we don't want to acknowledge or show to anyone else. It's where our prejudices, insecurities and envy come from, although we won't admit it.

What happens when we don't work to understand our shadows? He says:

"Shadows get projected out onto other people. You can’t avoid running into parts of your own psyche. Since the things in your shadow are a part of your own psychological make-up they have to and they will show up somewhere in your life. In other words, if you just can’t stand to face some of your own stuff, you will end up seeing your own stuff on someone else’s face.

"The word projection is very apt. We’re all familiar with movie projectors. . . . With unacknowledged shadow material you’re the projector. You’re that little machine in the back creating the image. The image is coming from you. But the place where you see the image is on the screen in front of you. You see it in another person, or group of people. Causes a lot of heartache in the world... you can be equally sure it will wreak havoc with all the personal relationships in our lives, especially the relationship with our kids."

Well put, Mark. I couldn't agree more.

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