Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yellow / Stripe

Two pieces of black tape were added to my yellow belt today. That's all they are.

But oh, they mean so much!

In this case, they represent an estimated 1-2 hours per day, five days per week in class, countless hours of practicing outside of class, 5 new Hapkido techniques, 2 new forms, 5 3-step fighting techniques, beginning Kumdo (sword actions), continuous sparring, and a huge leap ahead in my endurance and fitness level. All within the last three months.

I'm almost an Advanced Student.


Now I'm in the front half of the room when we line up much of the time. I have 9 open-hand forms to keep track of, 36 Tae Kwon Do actions, 30 Hapkido techniques (so far), 25 fighting techniques, 5 hand techniques, 2 Nunchauku forms... am I leaving anything out?

Between now and my green belt test, there will be more added, including the first Kumdo form. I'm enjoying working with my bokken at home, especially since it is nice enough to practice outside right now. Swinging a sword around in the house is strongly discouraged around here.

Even when it's Mom doing the swinging.

Have I mentioned that I love my martial arts classes?


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