Friday, June 03, 2011

Must. Stay. Healthy....

I spent much of this week focused on the upcoming belt test.

Working to psych myself up for it, I started the day with a run and then took a good hike on the AT with the boys and a friend.

Then Savageman came home. Not feeling well. Said he might have a stomach thing.

The Teen was looking a little funny also.

I was beat and in need of a power nap. After about 10 minutes of light sleep - next to Savageman who was out cold - Middle came and found me.

And told me that the Teen was puking in the basement.

Needless to say, Middle, Little and I got out of the house as fast as we could. Little headed for the grandparents and Middle and I spent the night at the dojang and the pizza place.

The way I see it, I need to stay healthy for about 15 more hours. My test is from 10-12, we'll probably go out for lunch afterward, and there's a self-defense class for my Girl Scout troop at 2:00.

Then I can crash as hard as I need to.

15 more hours... I can do it!

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