Friday, June 10, 2011

I Love Being a Girl Scout

And I'm sure I'll write a lot more about that topic sometime, but for now, it's late and I just want to say what a great day I had with my Troop, the younger Savages, and the very wonderful Girl Scout Leaders and parents today at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom.

People ask me why I'm a Girl Scout Leader when I have no girls. My answer is always the same - I'm Girl Scout Leader because I have no girls. My scouts and my friends' daughters are the closest I'm going to get at this point in my life to having daughters of my own, and I look forward to spending time with them, hearing about their lives, and being one more cheerleader for them as they enter what can be very challenging years for many girls.

The fact that I don't have a girl in the Troop often frees me up to just be the big sister to them, which is an added bonus. (And nice for me, having had neither a big sister, nor a little sister growing up.)

Bottom line - I live in a house of men. I'm surrounded by them and their male energy all the time. Getting out of that every once in a while and immersing myself in a totally female environment feeds a very hungry part of my soul and I am grateful for the chance to do this every so often.

Even though I still wound up driving there with a car full of boys - which was actually really fun too - it was a Girl Day for me and I had a great time.

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