Thursday, June 09, 2011

Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day of the Teen's Freshman year.

I think we're all ready for a break from the stresses of high school. The question is, will the stresses of summer vacation be worse?

Transitions are Not Our Thing. Already I feel us clashing over setting new limits. He's chomping at the bit, ready to exercise as much freedom as he can.

And we're in his way.

The best thing that can happen for all of us is a good, full-time summer job. Preferably one that involves hard physical labor.

Just think - he can get in shape, sweat out 9 months of school stress, and get paid to do it.

I'm taking the other two and a Girl Scout troop to an amusement park tomorrow, so we'll have a day apart to regroup and think, and he'll have a day to continue his job search.

Please send positive vibes - and job leads!

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