Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Shout-Out to The Hubster

Today was Tuesday.

If you've been reading this, you might remember that Tuesday is my intensive training day.

Two hours of class and practice in the morning, followed by lunch with The Master and company, then five hours in the afternoon / evening with Middle for classes, conditioning / kickboxing, and individual practice.

I've considered cutting back a bit, especially on Tuesdays, but I honestly don't know which class I would give up.

Tuesday / Thursday morning classes are usually small and intimate.  Morning class means starting the day with a great workout, plenty of one-on-one with The Master to learn new material, and going out to lunch afterward, which is a nice bonus.

I drive Middle and the Adopted Daughters to the Tuesday / Thursday 4:00 class.  At 5:00, we take conditioning / kickboxing.  Very important for me, especially right now.  This is where I drill my kicking and punching techniques, and also where I build up my cardiovascular endurance and muscle mass.  I take four of these per week, and while I find them exceptionally demanding physically, I also realize that they are the four most important hours of my week with regard to my health and fitness.

I stretched and went over things at 6:00, then at the 7:00 class, we worked on sweeps.  An important skill to do correctly.  We broke it down and practiced on each other in small groups. And  of course, when class was over, we spent time working on material while we waited for Competition Team practice to end.

I honestly couldn't have given up a single one of these hours without regrets tonight. 

Meanwhile, at home, Savageman cleaned the kitchen, folded and put away the laundry, drove the Teen to volunteer for election day stuff, made sure Little ate and did his homework, and picked up our room.  Later, he will likely massage my weary, aching body and put me to bed. 

In the morning, he will take me to the gym, oversee my new lifting routine, and keep me company, doing his own routine while I run and practice forms nearby. 

In the afternoon, I will go to do a neuropsych evaluation and he will once again be the one holding down the fort at home - a role he has accepted gracefully during this season of our lives and our marriage.

Grateful tonight for a husband who jumps in to do whatever the situation demands, who understands and supports my goals, and who has awesome hands. :-) 

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