Monday, November 19, 2012


I've done it for years, in one setting or another.  Time spent as a graduate teaching assistant, teaching undergrads and running the electrophysiology lab at VA Tech, spending my summers running camps for kids and teens, teaching childbirth and breastfeeding to new parents, and then homeschooling the boys and teaching at the homeschool co-op... all were great experiences that have helped me prepare for my new career, substitute teaching in the local schools.

I spent today getting my feet wet in public Middle School, where I spent the morning with 8th graders and the afternoon with 6th and 7th graders.  I saw Social Studies, English, Algebra, Science and Health taught by people who seemed pretty darn good at their jobs.  I was impressed with them, as was I impressed with the technology I saw in just about every classroom.  Smart Boards, Netbooks, YouTube videos seamlessly incorporated into the lessons... it was very cool stuff. 

My own education was decidedly low-tech.  Which had its own advantages.  Other than the cyberschool curriculum being online, my approach with the boys was low-tech as well.  I preferred they play with blocks, not pixels, and I sent them outside every chance I got.  So this is a very different model of education for me.

Being in the school building all day today gave me an appreciation for the boys' lives right now as well.  I don't know about them, but I felt like it was a long day.  Being cooped up in a building for that many hours - even with switching classes every so often - is a bit draining for me.  But I expect I'll get used to it, just like the boys did.

Besides, they're paying me.  With real dollars.  Which I need to buy groceries and pay the mortgage and the electric bill and stuff.


Honestly, there are worse ways to make money.  And I've always enjoyed the teaching opportunities I've had in the past. 

Grateful for my education and training and having a way to support my family.

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