Thursday, November 01, 2012

Training Day

Who am I kidding?

They're all training days.

I'm preparing to test for my black belt - and for the responsibilities I will have once I have earned it.

There's a lot to remember, a lot that needs to be automatic, a lot that I need to understand and be able to apply.

So I'm working my butt off.

And thankfully, I have a husband and sons who are supportive and understanding and self-reliant when I'm not home.

Tuesdays are my most intensive training days.  I start with coffee and stretching while I visit with a friend whose kids take the 9:00 homeschool class.  My class is at 10:00, and I generally continue practicing after class until about 12:00, when we go to lunch with The Master.

I get a little downtime after lunch, but at 3:45, I head back with Middle and the Adopted Daughters for the afternoon.

I take the 4:00 class and the 5:00 conditioning / kickboxing class. I practice on my own at 6:00, then I take another class at 7:00 and do more individual practice afterward.  We usually head home at about 9:00.

I'll admit that it's a huge amount of time.  On most days, it's less, but on an average week, I will log 20+ hours working on karate, either in class or open practice.

On the other hand, 20+ hours per week comes out to about 3-4 hours per day.  This is less time than the average person spends in front of the TV.  (I have virtually NO time in front of the TV.  It's hard enough to squeeze in 40 minutes of zombies.  If it's after 11 and I stop moving, I fall asleep.) 

So nowdays, if someone comments on the amount of time I spend training, I just smile.  After all, it's something I love, something that has absolutely transformed my body, my mind, and my spirit... and I could be spending those hours watching TV.

Or sitting at the computer.  I noticed that it is suddenly November.  Guess I won't be noveling this year, but I will take a stab at NaBloPoMo.  Just don't expect too much. 

I'm in training.


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