Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Battle In Hershey

Hmm... guess I kind of dropped the ball on NaBloPoMo.

Oh well.  I've been busy.

Saturday, I was busy watching a competition in Hershey.

Middle, a day shy of his 14th birthday, took second in both weapons and fighting.  Quite an accomplishment, considering that this his his first season competing as a black belt. 

He is now in the same division as one of his very best friends, a daughter of The Master, who very often goes home with a Grand Championship trophy as well as several regular ones.

Hershey was no exception.  She and her sister were both named Grand Champions this weekend.  Phenomenal kids. And tough competition.

Add to this that Middle is juggling his karate time committment with his first year of public school, where he just made the Honor Roll. 

I couldn't be more pleased with him.

My Adopted Daughters also did well.  One took a first and a second and was in the running for Grand Champion this time, and the other took a first and two seconds.  They also made the Honor Roll. :-) 

Most importantly, we had fun.  After the competition, there was lunch at Fudruckers and then we came back to the house to celebrate Middle's birthday with our ginormous karate family.

We were also pleased to discover this weekend that our October trip to Baltimore had made the local paper:

The Demo Team has been busy as well.  Yesterday, we spent the day in Lancaster at the SADD conference, where the kids performed.  They also participated in workshops aimed at helping teens take leadership roles in their schools and community to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.

It keeps us busy, but being on the Competition and Demonstration Teams has been a great experience.  Traveling to and from events with the kids in my van - a.k.a. The FunMobile - has been a wonderful bonding opportunity for all of us.  These kids are my friends as well as his, and they push and teach me just as much as I (hopefully) am a positive influence in their lives. 

Grateful today for these teams, and for our karate family in general. 

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